Major Declaration

For students interested in declaring the LSEE major:

  1. Complete and submit the LSEE Change of Major Request Google form.
  2. Attend an individual appointment with your printer "What If" analysis.
  3. Participate in LSEE Advance Registration group advising sessions each semester to select courses and request overrides.
  4. Submit the Change of Major Google form when eligible to enter the LSEE major and/or consider changing your major to Undeclared while working toward declaring LSEE.

Attending an individual LSEE Change of Major advising appointment is an important step in joining LSEE. These appointments are held at the VCU Meeting Center at 101 N. Harrison Street. 

Important Change of Major Dates

While it is possible to change your major at any time during the year, it can be difficult to schedule and appointment during Add/Drop and Advance Registration periods. Due to the high volume of requests we receive during these busy times of year, we strongly encourage students to schedule change of major appointments outside of the following dates:

Fall Deadlines

Add/drop: End of August

Advance registration advising: Mid-October to Mid-November

Spring Deadlines

Add/drop: Middle of January

Advance registration advising: Mid-March to Mid-April

***If we receive a substantial number of change of major requests during Add/Drop or Advance Registration, students may be asked to attend a group workshop, rather than an individual appointment.

Deadline to attend a Change of Major individual appointment if requesting TEDU 101

If requesting TEDU 101 for Fall:  Attend a session BEFORE May 4

***Individual appointments can be difficult to schedule immediately preceding this deadline.  Please plan accordingly! 

Leaving the LSEE Major

For current LSEE majors interested in declaring a different major:

If you are a current LSEE student, and you're planning to change your major from LSEE to a different discipline, you do not need to schedule an appointment with LSEE Advising.  Instead, please schedule an appointment with an advisor in the department into which you plan to transfer.

Although not required, LSEE Advising would greatly appreciate an email at notifying us of your plans.