Resources for Student Success

Here are some helpful resources to assist students in the Liberal Studies for Early and Elementary Education Program:

Campus Learning Center: Academic support, tutoring, supplemental instruction and study groups to assist with exam preparation.

Writing Center: Writing assistance for students in any class. Students receive one-on-one sessions to facilitate their work on writing assignments. 

College of Humanities and Sciences scholarship website: Available scholarships for undergraduates enrolled in College of Humanities and Sciences degree programs. 

Office of Financial Aid: Counseling on obtaining loans, grants, work-study and other funding to support academic pursuits. 

Career Services: Counseling and on-line resources to identify sites for internships and job placement.

Transfer Center: Provides transition resources, campus programs and academic support from admission to graduation. 

School of Education Student Services Center: The Student Services Center provides support for students as they progress throughout their School of Education experience.

Virginia Department of Education: Provides information for licensure, school districts, Standards of Learning (SOLs) and teaching resources/plans.

PRAXIS: Information for PRAXIS (Core Academic Skills Math) test registration, score reports and practice testing materials.

VCLA: Information for VCLA test registration, score reports and practice testing materials.