transfer students

Transfer Students

If you are a transfer student wishing to become an LSEE major here at VCU, here is some important information to consider that will help ensure you make the smoothest transition into our program:

  • It is recommended that all transfer students attend the VCU transfer student orientation. This orientation consists of a general VCU portion as well as an LSEE specific orientation, during which you will be advised as to which courses you should take the upcoming semester. If you cannot attend a transfer student orientation, please contact the LSEE office at 804-828-1898 in order to set up an advising appointment.

  • Transfer students who come to VCU with an Associate's Degree have a significant advantage in our program, as VCU will automatically exempt you from all of the College of Humanities and Sciences General Education Requirements with this Degree (*This excludes the Foreign Language Requirement*). This means that you enter VCU as a junior and can begin taking LSEE major courses right away.

  • Transfer students who do not come to VCU with an Associate's Degree will simply get credit for their transfer courses according to the VCU Tranfer Center's course equivalencies list. For those courses that do not transfer over for specific VCU course requirements, students will be given elective credit.

  • For students who are transferring from 4 year colleges/universities there is no limit to the number of credit hours that VCU will accept. That said, students must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours (called the “residency requirement”) at VCU in order to earn a degree from VCU.

  • For students who are transferring from 2 year colleges, VCU will accept a maximum of 63 credit hours. If students take more than 63 credit hours from a community college, the 63 credits that are most applicable to the intended major and general education requirements will be accepted.

  • Because the majority of transfer students already have anywhere from 30-60 credits once they arrive at VCU, it is strongly advised that incoming transfer students interested in the LSEE major take the Praxis I Math exam as well as the VCLA reading and literacy assessment. Obtaining a passing score on these exams is required of all LSEE majors who want to apply to the Teacher Preparation Program and plan on continuing through the M.T. portion of the degree. If you are not able to pass this test by the time you apply to Teacher Prep, you will be advised out of the program.  More information about these exams can be found here

  • Please take a look at the list of VCU courses and their VCCS equivalencies for more information. If you are planning to transfer to VCU, it is helpful to select your courses wisely so that as many courses as possible are given direct credit towards our LSEE requirements.