Teacher Preparation Program

Completion of the B.I.S. degree with a major in LSEE  requires students to be admitted into the Teacher Preparation Program.

Students can apply to the Teacher Preparation Program after they have completed 70 credits, which is typically in the spring of their junior year.  Students should plan to apply to Teacher Prep the semester before they wish to begin the Teacher Prep coursework. Deadline and Application information can be found here.

While it is advisable to complete all other undergraduate course requirements before beginning your Teacher Prep course block (12 credit-hours), it is possible to take one additional course along with your Teacher Prep courses.  Most students save the Teacher Prep courses (also known as Practicum A) for the semester before they plan to begin graduate school, as this track provides a smooth transition into graduate level coursework. 

Specific Academic and Course Requirements must be met if applicants wish to be considered for admission into the program.

The Teacher Preparation Program Requirements are as follows:

  • Cumulative 2.8 GPA (minimum GPA required after 70 credits before admission into the Teacher Preparation Program)
  • 45 credits in upper level courses or the equivalent
  • 120 total earned hours 
  • At least 30 of the last 45 credits taken at VCU (important for transfer students)
  • A passing score on the Praxis I (reading, writing, and math) or a passing score on the Praxis I math in combination with a passing score on the VCLA reading and writing test.  If you scored a 530 or higher on both your SAT Math section and SAT Verbal section, or if you received a combined SAT Math and Verbal score of 1100 or higher you are exempt from this requirement. (** Please refer to the PRAXIS I/VCLA Toolkit for more information about signing up for these exams)

Once accepted, students typically take the Teacher Preparation Program courses, also known as the Block A courses, in the spring of their junior year, or the semester before the will enter graduate school. It is during Teacher Prep that students must either take the GRE or MAT and apply to graduate school.

For students interested in entering Teacher Prep in the Fall, the deadline for application is April 1st.

For students interested in entering Teacher Prep in the Spring, the deadline for application is October 15th.