If you are a freshman student interested in declaring LSEE as your major, you should contact Elizabeth Bambacus, the Freshmen advisor for the LSEE Program. She will supply you with a LSEE Curriculum Worksheet so that you can begin to plan out your course of study. Her information is:

Elizabeth Bambacus
University College Advisor
First Floor Hibbs

(804) 827- 8648

If you are a sophomore, junior, or senior student interested in declaring LSEE as your major, please come visit the LSEE Suite to speak with one of the LSEE advisors about the program. A map can be found on the FAQ page.

Lisa Fleming
Academic Advisor for Students A-K


Amy Nicholas-Rostan
Academic Advisor for Students L-Z


Please see the LSEE Blackboard for Advising hours each week.

Advising Documents

There are a variety of helpful advising documents that the LSEE offers to better help students navigate the program. Please read the descriptions for an explanation of the document. Feel free to print these out and use them for your own planning and organizational purposes.

2012-2013 LSEE Curriculum Worksheet: This worksheet is the worksheet you and your advisor will update each semester as you progress through the program. Course requirements and course options are listed for each subject area. Monitor your progress regularly and make sure to read the small print!  The first page of this document lists the General Education Requirements. The second page lists the LSEE major requirements. The third page provides a checklist for Teacher Prep. The fourth page is a list of the Graduate Level courses you will be taking in the School of Education once you are accepted into the M. T. Program.

Course Planning Worksheet: This worksheet is an organizational tool designed to help you plan out the courses you will take each semester in the program from the fall of your freshman year to your last semester in graduate school. The document has been left blank so that you can fill in your unique schedule and make personal notes. If you would like to reference a filled in course planning worksheet to help with your course selections and to-do lists, please use the following document.

Course Planning Worksheet - Filled in: This is a copy of the above document only it has been filled out to provide an example of how one might successfully navigate through our program. The to-do lists are filled out and provide helpful tips about how to stay on track in the program.