Academic Requirements

To be considered for admission in to the Teacher Preparation Program, all students must:

  • Have a minimum 2.8 GPA - NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Have completed at least 70 credit hours toward their degree
  • Have taken EDUS 301 or TEDU 101, or approved course transferred from another institution
  • Have submitted all official transcripts from all institutions attended 
  • Have a Passing PRAXIS I composite score (Math, Reading, and Writing), a high enough SAT or ACT  composite score, or have a passing VCLA and PRAXIS I Math or SAT Math score  (MINIMUM PASSING SCORES LISTED BELOW)
  • Have turned in a completed Teacher Prep Application before the deadline.

PRAXIS I minimum passing scores: 

Math: 178

Reading: 178

Writing: 176

Composite: 532

SAT minimum passing scores:                                 

Taken before April 1995

Composite (Reading + Math): 1000

Verbal: 450

Math: 510

Taken after April 1995

Composite (Reading + Math): 1100

Verbal: 530

Math: 530


ACT minimum passing scores:

Taken before April 1995: Composite score of 21, with Math no less than 21, and an English Plus Reading score no less than 37.

Taken after April 1995: Composite score of 24, with Math no less than 22, and ACT English Plus Reading score no less than 46.


VCLA minimum passing scores: 

Reading: 235

Writing: 235

Total: 470