Study Abroad

Virginia Commonwealth University Education Abroad provides opportunities for VCU students to study abroad and participate in international exchanges. VCU encourages students from every academic discipline to receive a part of their university education in an international community. Today we live in an international community and studying abroad will help you to appreciate multicultural richness, understand the value of knowing another language and compete professionally in the global market.

Virginia Commonwealth University offers four different options for students to study abroad. Whether you want to travel for a week, a month or a semester, there’s a program that will fit your needs.

Education Abroad administers all university-sponsored education abroad programs.

  • VCU faculty-led programs
    Each year, faculty members lead groups of VCU students for short-term programs during the summer, spring break and winter intersession.
  • International Student Exchange Program
    ISEP is a network of 275 universities in 39 countries. Semester, academic year and summer options are available.
  • Partnership exchanges
    Thanks to VCU’s partnerships around the world, students enjoy the option to study for a semester or academic year at several international institutions. Tuition and fees are paid to VCU, and room and board are paid directly to the host university.
  • Departmental exchanges
    Students enjoy the option to study for a semester or academic year at several international institutions thanks to VCU’s departmental exchanges. Tuition and fees are paid at standard VCU tuition rates.
  • Non-VCU programs
    Students may study with another university, organization, or directly enroll in the host institution. Prior approval is required. Students must complete the course approval form [PDF].

For more information about getting involved with a VCU study abroad program, please check out the Global Education website.