Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the LSEE Building?

The LSEE Building is at 101 N. Harrison Street. It is the red brick building on the corner of Harrison and Floyd. Map view of 101 N. Harrison Street.

2. How do I get an appointment to see an advisor?

Advising is operating exclusively on a drop-in basis. Please visit the LSEE Blackboard to see the drop-in hours for the given week. All advising will take place in the LSEE suite unless otherwise noted by your advisor.

3. If I took a foreign language in high school, can I get VCU credit for it?

If you took 3 + years of language in HS and got a C or better, you are exempt from the foreign language requirement at VCU. If you do not already have FRLG 102 showing up on your transcript, you must obtain an official transcript from your high school and submit it in person to the transfer center to get this credit taken care of. It will then appear on your transcript as “FRLG 102” - this means you have officially been exempted from the requirement.

4. When can I sign up for classes?

Course registration for the spring and fall semesters is organized by the number of credits earned. If you do not know the number of earned credits you have to date, you can log on to myVCU, click on eservice/self-service and check your hours on your transcript.  The dates for course registration according to credit hours will be sent out vis LSEE email. Registration opens at 8 am the morning of the date listed.

Don't forget: You must take care of all holds before you can sign up!

5. What GPA do I need to have to stay in the LSEE program?

All students must maintain at least 2.5 GPA to remain in the LSEE Program but, in order to move into the upper level courses (this usually occurs after 60 credits or in your junior year), students must have a 2.8 GPA. Students should be very clear of this expectation as there are no exceptions. To take upper division courses (marked by an (e) on your curriculum worksheet), you must have a 2.8 GPA and you must have already taken and passed the Praxis I test or one of its equivalents.

6. How do  I get in to LSEE Upper Level Courses?

You must have a 2.8 GPA, you must have taken and passed the Praxis I test or equivalents, and you must have 60 or more credits accrued, TEDU 101 included.  If you do meet these benchmarks, you will not be approved by your advisor to register for these classes until you do.

7. What do I need to accomplish before applying to the Teacher Prep Program?

  • You must have a 2.8 cumulative GPA in order to be accepted into the Teacher Prep program – NO exceptions!
  • You must have passed the Praxis I (reading, writing, math) or the Praxis I math test in combination with the VCLA and must have the scores in hand. Please refer to the LSEE Blackboard under “documents” for the Praxis I/VCLA toolkit for more information. You are exempt from this requirement if you:
    • Scored 530 or higher on your SAT math and SAT reading sections, or if your SAT math and SAT reading combined score is 1100 or greater.
    • Scored a 24 or higher on your ACT, with the ACT math score not less than 22, and an ACT English Plus Reading score no less than 46.
    • You must have earned 70 credit hours or more – this qualifies you as LSEE upper level status.
    • Check out the “Teacher Prep Toolkit” on your LSEE BB for more information.

8. Do I need an official transcript for my Teacher Prep application?

  • If you have only taken courses at VCU, you do not need an official transcript – you can just print out a copy from your myVCU page online
  • If you have taken courses at another institution as well as VCU, you need an official transcript from those institutions to turn in along with you “unofficial”/printed out VCU transcript

9. What do I need to accomplish before applying to graduate school?

  • You need to have a passing score on the GRE (old version: 800; new version:290) or MAT (386)
  • You need to have a minimum 3.0 GPA on your last 60 credit hours
  • You must be enrolled or have already taken the Teacher Prep courses (Practicum A block)

10. How do I drop “D” or “F” grades from my transcript?

The “D” or “F” grade will always show on your transcript, however, if you retake the course you got a “D” or “F” in and receive a “C” or higher, you can fill out the Historical Repeat Form to prevent that “D” or “F” from being calculated in your overall GPA. It is important to note that this can only be done once - for example, if you take a class you got a "D" in over and get a "D" in it again, and then decide to retake it a third time to get a better grade, you will only be able to drop one of the D's. Lesson: Don't retake a class you aren't prepared to put a lot more effort into the second time around!

11. How do I obtain credit for a course taken at another institution?

Take an official copy of your most recent transcript from the former institution to the Transfer Center (2nd Floor Hibbs). Attach a Transfer Credit Inquiry Form with the course information specified to your transcript.  Any changes that are made will show up on a revised transcript.

12. Where do I look for information to aid me in the self-advising process?

Look under the Advising Toolkit tab on LSEE Blackboard and visit Records and Registration homepage for links to important forms.

13. What should I do if I don’t get into the classes that I need for next semester?

  • Continually check eservices through the first week of classes to see if students are dropping out and opening up space.
  • Directly email or visit the professor of the class to ask if he or she will sign an override form and allow you into the class.

14. Can I take a required LSEE course at another institution?

Yes, but you MUST make sure that you have selected an exact equivalency for the required VCU course. Check the transfer guide homepage and then complete the Request to Take Courses at Another Institution Form found on the Records and Registration homepage. Please REMEMBER that the 30 of the last 45 credits you obtain at VCU MUST be obtained at VCU.

15. Does INSC 201 Energy! Count as a science requirement?

Yes, it does! Even though it is consider a Gen Ed Elective, you can still count this class in as you count up your science credit requirements.

16. Where can I find academic support if I am struggling in a class?

Because the LSEE major requires its students to maintain a 2.5 GPA to remain in the major, it is important to seek academic support for a course as soon as you feel you are falling behind.  The campus learning center has a wealth of resources you can use to keep yourself from slipping too far in a class.  Not only do they provide one-on-one tutoring in a variety of core courses, but they also provide group tutoring and have supplemental instruction meetings that are organized specifically to help students figure our how to succeed in a specific course taught by a specific professor. For more information and tutoring schedules, please visit the University College website.