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About the Elementary Teacher Training Program at VCU

In pursuing a Bachelor’s of Interdisciplinary Studies (B.I.S.) in Liberal Studies for Early and Elementary Education (LSEE) you are guaranteed to receive a top-notch, well rounded education that will more than adequately prepare you to become a fantastic elementary school teacher.  In fact, by the end of your time in the LSEE program, you will have completed 21 credits of math and science, and 18 to 21 credits of Social Studies and Language Arts for your major.

It is important to note that in selecting LSEE as your undergraduate major, you are effectively declaring that you plan to enter in VCU’s Extended Teacher Preparation Program, an 11 semester program (5.5 years) that includes the 8 semesters (4 years) you spend as an undergraduate LSEE major and that culminates with you receiving a B.I.S. in LSEE and a Master’s of Teaching at the end of the 11 semesters.  In other words, this LSEE major is specifically designed as the undergraduate major for individuals who plan to continue on for 3 more semesters in the School of Education’s M.T. program after their undergraduate coursework is finished.  If you graduate after 4 years with just a B.I.S. in LSEE, you will not be qualified or licensed to be an elementary school teacher, nor will you have received all of the proper coursework to qualify for licensure.  Considering that 44 other states recognize the Virginia state teaching license, it makes sense to stick in this 11 semester program, especially if you are interested in moving around!